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Agriculture Applications

GSA Resource’s ZK406H is effective in eliminating the harmful odors associated with feedlots, ethanol production, swine and poultry barns and wastewater treatment lagoons by eliminating the odor at the source rather than masking it.

ZK406H is used in animal feed as micronutrient carriers, drying agents and anti-caking agents. It is non-toxic and has beneficial effects including better feed utilization, rapid animal growth and helps control the odor in animal waste. It can also be used as a topical application to control strong ammonia and hydrogen sulfide odors, which left unattended can result in high animal mortality, lower weight gain and associated respiratory ailments.

Ethanol producers can alleviate the end of the process odor problems by adding ZK406H to the wet corn mash during the drying period. An added benefit is that this product also enhances the animal feed byproduct.

A more difficult problem is the treatment of the liquid effluents such as the large anaerobic lagoons found at commercial hog farms. The waste has a high level of solids and is much more concentrated than the effluents entering municipal waste facilities. Inoculation of the lagoon can provide temporary reduction in ammonia levels and mitigation of some odors. We recommend more aggressive treatment strategies however, and work with New Earth Systems which provides modular waste water treatment systems designed around the specific effluent and the waste water recycle strategies of the individual facilities.

  • Economical and effective solution to odor control·
  • Safe and environmentally friendly·
  • Nontoxic and completely organic·
  • Nuisance odors are eliminated


All GSA products include a performance guarantee for qualified end users.


For convenient usage, the product is packaged in 50 lb bags, 2,000 lbs per pallet and covered with a pallet jacket for temporary external storage.  It is also available in bulk bags.


For specific questions concerning application, suitability or to place orders contact GSA Resources, Inc. at 1-800-866-4052 or

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