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GSA Resources, Inc., specializes in the development of specialty mineral deposits and the marketing of proprietary and processed industrial mineral products. Founded in 1977, and headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, GSA is a worldwide supplier to companies utilizing natural and modified zeolites and specialty clays for use in odor control, water remediation and gas adsorption.

GSA is constantly striving to find innovative and cost effective solutions to the many environmental problems that increasingly face our society, especially with updated EPA standards being enforced. Whether we are working on mine cleanup, landfill odor remediation or the removal of arsenic from drinking water, GSA is continually developing the best and most cost effective product s available.

Wastewater cleanup, odor control, water purification, oil adsorbent, gas adsorbent, pet litter, animal feed, desiccant, aquaculture and horticultural applications are just a few of the different uses for zeolites. GSA Resources, through its subsidiary Element 33, LLC, is in the testing stage of a patented process for economically eliminating arsenic from wastewater and drinking water.

Understanding the unique properties of the minerals that GSA produces from it's own mines, along with the technical expertise of our employees, enables us to insure our customers that they will have the best product for their environmental applications.

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